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It’s that time of year again…the Cold & Flu season lasts from Fall all the way to early Spring. It can start with one family member having a cough or a tickle in their throat, and can end up spreading to the entire family.

With Lysol you can take action to prevent the spread of Cold & Flu and protect your family. Here are 4 basic tips to help you through the season:

1. Clean and disinfect surfaces throughout your home. Use Lysol® Disinfectant Spray and Disinfectant Wipes on commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, banisters, countertops, remote controls and around the bathroom to kill Cold & Flu viruses.

2. Wash hands frequently with a disinfecting soap such as the Lysol® No Touch Hand Soap System, which senses your hands and automatically releases the correct amount of hand soap every time, so there’s no need to touch the germy soap pump. Wash hands fully for about 20 seconds, including the spaces between your fingers and areas right by your nails, to help get rid of germs.

3. Sneeze into sleeves.

4. Get the Flu Shot.

Trust Lysol® to Help Prevent Cold & Flu