Disaster Relief

Committed to Serving as a Champion of Health

Lysol knows doing more for health means going where help is needed most. That's why we support disaster relief efforts. Lysol is dedicated to change on every level, not just in homes but in the community and beyond.

When disasters strike, health is a major concern for families as well as the facilities they rely on such as hospitals, clinics and temporary shelters. Through product donations, Lysol is providing aid to families and children when and where it is needed most.

Lysol Partners with American Red Cross

As part of our Mission for Health, we’ve partnered with the Red Cross in the United States to help create safe, healthy environments when they’re needed most. In the event of a severe storm, tornado, flood, or hurricane, Lysol makes every effort to help the affected areas stay safe and healthy, and to rebuild what has been lost. It is our mission to help families return to their homes, businesses, and everyday activities as quickly as possible.

Lysol has partnered with the American Red Cross through AmeriCares, in the United States, donating funds and supplies to assist with tornado relief efforts in Oklahoma.

Lysol Partners with Save the Children

To further our efforts for healthy communities, Lysol has partnered with Save the Children, an independent organization that helps improve the lives of kids in need, both in the United States and around the world. Save the Children works in poor, remote communities to provide children and families with the tools they need to fight poverty.

By donating to Save the Children, Lysol is helping families and kids in need by providing them with shelter and first aid, while also promoting overall hygiene and well-being.