Protect Like a Mother


It’s in their DNA, and it’s in ours, too. Which is why Lysol is paying homage to the most incredible and protective moms on the planet – both animal and human alike. Because no one protects like a mother. Help protect against germs with Lysol*.

Lysol. What it takes to protect.


A lioness can face off against any animal on the African savanna. And by “face off” we mean claw their actual face off. However, when it comes to giving birth, the mother lion prefers to hide from potential threats. Once she goes into labor, a lioness will hide in dense brush where her newborn cubs will be safe when they’re born. She stays hidden with her cubs for three months in order to protect them from nosey predators – a period of time that should probably be referred to as “caternity leave.”


Every mother would go to the ends of the Earth to make sure her children are safe. However, the mother humpback whale actually does. She travels 3000 miles from the icy waters of Alaska to give birth in the predator-free pools of Hawaii – which is like swimming from New York to L.A. pregnant. After the baby whale is big enough, the mother will escort it all the way back to the North Pacific, mostly because the area has such great schools. Schools of fish, that is.


What’s the only thing better than having an awesome mom? Having a bunch of awesome moms. Male elephants leave the herd when they become teenagers. So when a baby elephant is born, every female in the herd - grandmas, sisters, aunts, friends and cousins – band together to help raise and protect their offspring. And because elephants give birth to some very big babies (200+ lbs.), it’s probably nice to have a few mommy reinforcements on her side. So whatever you do, don’t get between a baby elephant and its herd of mommies.


Perhaps the fiercest mother of all, is the human mom. In fact, human mothers have been known to exhibit superhuman-like abilities when it comes to protecting their children – such as lifting a three-ton car off a child or wrestling a 700lb polar bear to save her kids (true stories!). Everyday around the world, human moms protect their kids from dangers of all magnitudes, from monsters that lurk under beds to microscopic bacteria on countertops. And unlike other species, the human mom develops a bond with her children that lasts a lifetime, even if they don’t call as often as they should.

*For Lysol Disinfectant Products