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The Lysol® Germ Detectives Program & How it Works
The Lysol Germ Detectives Program includes activities and lesson plans, which teaches students how their personal hygiene habits can affect their own health and the health of those around them.
Healthy kids are happier kids, so help keep your students healthy and happy with the Lysol Germ Detectives program!
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Curriculum Integration
The Lysol Germ Detectives program will complement the elementary health curriculum with activities and lesson plans that also fulfill social studies, math, science, and language arts requirements.

The Lysol Germ Detectives program teaches students about:
Personal hygiene
The importance of surface cleanliness and hand washing
How illness spreads and how it can be prevented
By participating in the Lysol Germ Detectives program, students will learn about their own health and how their habits can affect the health of others in their classroom, at school, and at home.

Math and Science
Activities using logic and reasoning throughout the Lysol Germ Detectives program will complement the elementary science and math curricula. Such activities include pattern completion, basic counting, ordering and sequential problems, as well as in-class demonstrations requiring basic hypothesizing and simple experimentation.

Language Arts
Students will develop their reading, writing comprehension and language arts skills.

Social Studies
The group format of this program will help students to determine how health and hygiene affects them, their school and their household. This will reinforce each student's understanding of the 'bigger picture' and how personal care plays a role in the world around them.